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The Alternative Tradition: Religion and the Rejection of by James Thrower

By James Thrower

Booklet by means of Thrower, James

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R. Shastri, took this suggestion a stage further. Degenerates, he believed, attract each other and he saw an amalgam taking place between degenerate Lokäyäta and degenerate Buddhism. He wrote: Some of the sects of degenerated Buddhists, in which laxity in sexual morals was one of the features, became gradually affiliated to the Lokäyäta school. One of these sects was the Kapalika sect. TheKapalikas are a very ancient sect. They drink wine, offer human sacrifices and enjoy women. They strive to attain their religious goal with the help of human corpses, wine and women....

Desire then at first arose within it, Desire, which was the earliest seed of spirit. The bond of being in non-being sages, Discovered searching in their hearts with wisdom. Who knows it truly? Who can here declare it? Whence was it born? When issued this creation? And did the Gods appear with its production? But then who knows from whence it has arisen? This world-creation, whence it has arisen, Or whether it has been produced or not, He who surveys it in the highest heaven, He only knows or ev'n he does not know it.

Children's thoughts, feelings and desires get mixed up with what the adult comes to regard as reality external to himself. Psychological processes are objectified and objects endowed with subjective attributes. Dreams, for example, appear to come from outside, words are inextricably linked with the objects to which they refer, and speaking is often felt to be a way of acting on things. Conversely, the physical world is not sharply divided off from the personal as material and impersonal, but regarded as if it possessed or mediated life, consciousness and will.

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