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Organization Theory: Challenges and Perspectives by John McAuley, Philip Johnson, Joanne Duberley

By John McAuley, Philip Johnson, Joanne Duberley

Association concept brings a clean method of long-standing questions and is aimed toward undergraduate and postgraduate scholars for whom the examine of organizational concept or research is a vital part in their measure programme.

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4. Are managers forced to actually implement organizational changes deriving from the more fashionable theory, regardless of the content and efficacy of such practices, but because not to do so would make them appear to be behind the times, out of touch with the ‘latest’ thinking and therefore incompetent? 5. Alternatively, are these theories merely rhetorical tools that are used by managers just to ‘talk the talk’ and thereby earn status and prestige without really changing anything of significance because such a presentation of themselves enables them to appear to be competent in their own eyes and, perhaps more importantly, in the eyes of significant others inside and outside their organizations?

As Rose (1978) has noted, this ‘creates the constant risk that only that work which excites rich or powerful groups will prosper’ (p. 270). However, in their discussion of developments primarily in North America, Stern and Barley (1996) vigorously argue that a managerialist frame of reference was not always quite so dominant in organizational research. QXD 24 11/1/06 1:03 AM Page 24 Chapter 1 Introducing organization theory: what is it, and why does it matter? 1980s and the subsequent institutionalization of organization theory as a separate discipline.

Causes Explanandum: the phenomenon to be explained will occur independent variable Causes certain changes in the dependent variable . . 2: How theory provides explanation. that the theory predicts. For example, we could argue that organizational downsizing reduces costs by reducing the number of people employed. This in turn should cause an improvement in organizational performance if we measure such performance in terms of profits. Here we are more precisely defining what we mean by abstract concepts such as downsizing and organizational performance.

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