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Love & Tradition: Marriage between Jews and Christians by Egon Mayer

By Egon Mayer

Marriage among Jews and Christians

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38 Earlier, Herbert Gans and Michael Parenti had also seen the signs amidst the suburban and urban transitions of the 1950s and 1960s. 39 Ethnic group ties continued to playa powerful role in shaping the residential as well as friendship preferences of people long after ethnicity had been declared irrelevant in American life by the conventional wisdom. In popular literature, the enthusiasm for nearly lost heritages reached its crescendo with the publication and subsequent serialization on TV of Alex Haley's Roots.

64 CHAPTER TWO The emergence of a capitalistic form of economy, particularly in the Western World, since the late seventeenth century, also pushed the multitude of individuals to make their livelihoods independently of their traditional relationships with kin or ancestral community. Consequently, from the eighteenth century on, millions of men and women found themselves as free economic agents for the first time in history. Once again, Edward Shorter observes with profound insight In late eighteenth-century Europe, the sexual and emotional wish to be free came from the capitalist marketplace ....

She wanted to teach me without pay.... I began to feel at home in her house ... also her parents welcomed me warmly .... Then she spoke frankly of her love for me and her hope that I would love her. I was confused and I couldn't answer her immediately .... I do agree with her that we are first human beings, and she is a human being in the fullest sense of the word. She is pretty, educated, intelligent, and has a good character. But I am in despair when I think of my parents. I go around confused and yet I am drawn to her.

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