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Hellenistic Tarsus by C. Bradford Welles

By C. Bradford Welles

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Sect. 30. Sect. 1-2. 31] HELLENISTIC TARSUS 71 imperial officials. 6vs' ( 1), a word which commonly means the provincial governors, but since Dio uses it always in the plural, while speaking of the O"'t'p1X"~"tJY6' in the singular, it may be that the latter is the provincial governor and the former the staff of procurators, advocati, and so on. And actually the governor of Cilicia was an &v't'LO"TpX't'YJj'O,, a propraetor (2). There had been a quarrel with the O"'t'p1XTYJY6' and angry words exchanged, but relations were improving, and Dio advises the city to follow a middle course: not to refuse obedience altogether but not to submit to any demand which went far in insolence and greed (5~pL' and "'-sovs~£1X) (3), fairly strong language for one so close to the emperor as Dio.

70, n. (1). 33] HELLENISTIC TARSUS 73 did lie specifically in the hands of the citizens and their leaders, and this is the area to which the central portion of the oration is devoted. Dio did not like what he saw. «A day or two ago the assembly took one course and the council another and the elders stuck to their own position, each pursuing its own advantage» (x6e~ xoci. oci. Xi. Xa-Toov '8-ij'Aov 5TL a-xo~ouv;oov (1). Nor were the members of the council and assembly themselves in agreement, and the elders were at odds also with the youths (v&oL) (2).

Oypotcpoc£, tax-lists perhaps (3), and Mallus had actually seized a strip of land down by the lagune which was Tarsus' harbor. -occpsuysLV bl. -~v ~~oua(OGv) but Dio warns against it: send an embassy and protest instead (4). ocl. ''t'otL ». It is significant in any case that Tarsus is not advised to go to the governor with complaints. The cities were expected and allowed to settle their differences themselves, one hoped with methods short of war. This was foreign policy of a sort, and it called for, and exercised, at least modest talents on the part of local statesmen.

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