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Amateur Photographer, Advanced Photography Skills Special

PDF | a hundred pages | English

Amateur Photographer is a British images journal, released weekly via IPC Media, a Time Warner subsidiary. The journal presents articles on apparatus studies, photographic strategy, and profiles photographers.

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Typus Alcuida (essentially the type earlier identified as the Actium or Octavian type, 4) Typus Louvre MA 1280 (essentially the type earlier identified as the Forbes type, and 5) Typus Prima Porta, (1993) 11-50. The portraits which Boschung identifies as replicas of the BeziersSpoleto and Lucus Feroniae types, should be considered variants of his Alcuida type (the old Actium-Octavian type). R. 11; fig. 76 Possibly of Parian marble, the head is worked for insertion and is a replica of Augustus’s Prima-Porta type.

Hedrick, Jr. (2000) 107. C. As Antonius’s consort and ally, it is Cleopatra against whom Octavian technically waged war. 139 Indeed, there is a conscious attempt made on the part of Octavian and his supporters to portray the civil conflict against Antonius as a struggle between Rome and a foreign power, Egypt. A. , (1995) 36-47, as earlier proposed by F. Coarelli (1985) 258-308. However, the evidence of the omission of Antony’s name in the list of consuls, which seems to have been part of the earlier arch, would favor an identification of the earlier arch as a commemoration of the victory at Actium rather than Naulochus, see A.

Degrassi (1945-6) 96-7; A. ; E. M. Steinby, ed. (1993) 80-85 (with earlier literature). 137 A. C. Ann. 18 indicates that Antony’s name was visible under Tiberius, further evidence of the rehabilitation. The idea of reconciliation and the rehabilitation of Antonius’s memory is also present in the Ara Pacis. The Apolline and Bacchic elements of its acanthus leaf scrollwork can even be read as a kind of numen mixtum reconciling Apollo, the patron deity of Augustus and Bacchus, with whom Antony was often identified.

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