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Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster by David Icke

By David Icke

Because the horrendous day of September eleventh 2001, the folk of the realm were informed the massive Lie. The professional tale of what occurred on Sep 11 is a myth of untruth, manipulation, contridiction and anomaly. David Icke has spent good over a decade uncovering the strength that was once particularly at the back of these assaults and has travelled to forty international locations in pursuit of the reality. He has uncovered their group of workers, tools and time table in a chain of books and video clips.

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For the Illuminati globally. The Grosvenors of America founded the National Geographic which is notorious for removing the archaeological treasures of the world, especially those with religious significance, and relocating them at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC. ' The ancestry of both George Bushes can also be traced to England's Alfred the Great and to Charlemagne, a highly significant figure in the Illuminati and bloodline story, and from whom 34 of the 43 US presidents are descended.

These bloodlines can be shown to have been involved in these sickening human sacrifice rituals since Babylon and before, and it continues to this day. In The Biggest Secret there is a photograph of robed and hooded men at the Grove standing alongside a large fire while worshipping a 40-foot stone owl - an ancient Illuminati symbol. These worldfamous Illuminati initiates at Bohemian Grove burn and sacrifice a human "effigy" under the owl at the start of their "summer camp" every year. This happens during a Babylonian-type ritual called the Cremation of Care and in the year 2000 Alex Jones, an American radio talk show host, took a hidden camera into the Grove and filmed the ritual.

With every week the movie is being exposed for what it is, a virtual-reality illusion designed to imprison the human collective mind. We can no longer justify a lack of response by a lack of knowledge. The information is available for anyone who truly wishes to know. So what are you - we - going to do about it? That is the question that everyone must now consider if the Illuminati are going to be denied their global concentration camp, the global sweat shop, that is unfolding daily before our eyes.

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