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Affordable Excellence: The Singapore Healthcare Story by William A. Haseltine

By William A. Haseltine

This is the tale of the Singapore healthcare procedure: the way it works, the way it is financed, its background, the place it really is going, and what classes it could actually carry for nationwide health and wellbeing platforms worldwide. Singapore ranks 6th on this planet in healthcare results, but spends proportionally much less on healthcare than the other high-income nation. this is often the 1st e-book to set out a accomplished system-level description of healthcare in Singapore, as a way to figuring out what should be discovered from its designated method layout and improvement path.

The classes from Singapore might be of curiosity to these at the moment making plans the way forward for healthcare in rising economies, in addition to these engaged within the pressing debates on healthcare within the wealthier nations confronted with severe long term demanding situations in healthcare financing. Policymakers, legislators, public wellbeing and fitness officers liable for healthcare platforms making plans, finance and operations, in addition to these engaged on healthcare matters in universities and imagine tanks may still know the way the Singapore procedure works to accomplish reasonable excellence.

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