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Acrobatics for Children and Teenagers: From the Basics to by Michael Blume

By Michael Blume

This ebook teaches the fundamentals of associate acrobatics with youngsters and youths. It exhibits the reader the way to set up perform periods and manage performances. a pragmatic part offers basic acrobatic figures that experience proved to be of price in perform.

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Performances are, in my opinion, an essential element of acrobatics where important lessons can be learned. The excitement before a performance, the stage fright, the suspense and nervousness are part of a special experience. Will everything go smoothly, have the techniques really been mastered, will the pyramids be stable, does everyone know the sequence, their position? There are performance opportunities at schools and clubs, and one thing I can say without reservation is that an audience always loves acrobatics — it is something special.

This shows the groups what everyone else has been working on and allows them to learn how to express themselves. Then the path to performing in front of an audience of strangers no longer seems so arduous because the first lessons have already been learned. 49 Chapter 4 Putting together Performances 4 Putting Together Performances Children are very easily inspired when it comes to performing the art they have been working on because they like to show off what they can do. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to present to an audience the spectacular formations and pyramids that are risky and require daring; to explore their effects on the spectator and to receive attention or recognition for their efforts?

Dismount/conversion: Dismounting and/or converting should take place quickly and expeditiously, or be turned into another act. The act is not over after the dismount. ᏵᏵ Finish: Taking a bow (or not), and there is a proper way to do that. The act is only over when the actors exit the stage. Until then, every little move is a part of the performance. ” Acrobatics for Children & Teenagers It is a good idea to prepare an accurate flow chart before a performance. Every position within a pyramid or partner balance should be visible and should show the name of the person who will occupy that position.

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