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A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market by John Allen Paulos

By John Allen Paulos

In A Mathematician performs the inventory industry best-selling writer John Allen Paulos demonstrates what the instruments of arithmetic can let us know in regards to the vagaries of the inventory industry. applying his trademark tales, vignettes, paradoxes, and puzzles (and even a movie treatment), Paulos addresses each pondering reader's interest concerning the industry: Is it effective? Is it rational? Is there something to technical research, basic research, and different supposedly time-tested tools of opting for shares? How can one quantify threat? What are the commonest scams? What mild do fractals, community concept, and customary mental foibles shed on investor habit? Are there any ways to making an investment that really outperform the main indexes? Can a deeper wisdom of arithmetic aid beat the odds?All of those questions are explored with the enticing erudition that made Paulos's A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper and Innumeracy favorites with either armchair mathematicians and readers who are looking to imagine like them. Paulos additionally stocks the cautionary story of his personal lengthy and disastrous love affair with WorldCom. within the culture of Burton Malkiel's A Random stroll Down Wall road and Jeremy Siegel's shares for the longer term, this wry and illuminating e-book is for an individual, investor or now not, who follows the markets-or is aware anyone who does.

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